We had such a great time at Boutique Design New York – BDNY and we are very excited to share our brand new collection and technology with you! Vintage Curiosity is designed for Tableau, Encore’s new 76 DPI dye injection technology. With unlimited color and unmatched clarity the design possibilities are limitless.


Known as the gold standard in guest rooms carpet, the Infinity product has proven itself as “the best there is”. Using Zeftron solution dyed nylon, as it’s name suggests the Infinity creates infinite amounts of pile heights and infinite design repeats at extremely fast speeds which allows Encore to service the guest room market quickly and competitively.



Using Zeftron solution dyed nylon the Colorpoint creates “full gauge” density to create detailed patterns as opposed to “burying” ends which lowers the density and wear of the product. The use of up to 6 colors at “full gauge” makes Colorpoint an attractive choice for Public Space applications.

Enhanced Loop

Using Zeftron solution dyed nylon, the Enhanced Loop uses varying pile heights to create more traditional subtle textures with limited design repeats. As a very cost effective option the enhanced has been a constant in the hospitality marketplace for years



Using Zeftron solution dyed nylon and “Computer Yarn Placement”, individual yarns are digitally tufted with incredible detail and intricate patterns with detail down to one pixel per end. Colortec allows the designer to use up to 6 colors. This “cut-pile” product simulates the look of expensive woven axminster carpets at a much lower cost.

Dye Injection

With 16 colors and 625 dots per square inch, Encore can create virtually any pattern and match any color imaginable. In addition to great detail and an extensive color library, low minimums and fast lead times make our printed carpets an attractive option for your next project.


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Being more resistant to moisture and traffic wear with the look of wood and tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks are becoming the new standard. Encore Hospitality Carpet has a variety of LVT products that are easy to install in both glue down and click options.