Axminster Broadloom

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Colorpoint creates “full gauge” density to create detailed patterns as opposed to “burying” ends which lowers the density and wear of the product. The use of up to 6 colors at “full gauge” makes Colorpoint an attractive choice for Public Space applications.

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ENCORE's state-of-the-art EN-POINTE technology revolutionizes the way that carpet is constructed, offering the newest and most advanced CYP tufting techniques, and elevating the luxury carpet experience.

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Infinity creates infinite amounts of pile heights and infinite design repeats at extremely fast speeds which allows Encore to service the guest room market quickly and competitively.

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Modular Carpet Tile

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High Definition Dye Injection

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Hand Tufted

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ENCORE HOSPITALITY is an innovative and forward thinking floorcovering manufacturer with state-of-the-art manufacturing and a resolute dedication to stay on the forefront of new technology.

Our vertically integrated production in Calhoun, Georgia allows us to control all stages of production; delivering consistently faster lead times, best-in-class quality control, and unlimited custom capabilities.

Encore is part of Brumlow Mills, a family owned business operating since 1981, with an unwavering dedication to customer service that allows customers to enjoy a boutique experience with exceptional personalized service & the ability to choose from a truly comprehensive range of product offerings.